Storage queue vs Service Bus queue

1 At Least Once delivery model Supports At least once, At most once, Exactly once delivery models of messages
2 Batched receive is supported but batch send is not supported Supports batched receive and batched send both.
3 blocking or non-blocking both.
4 FIFO ordering is not guaranteed FIFO ordering of messages is guaranteed with the help of sessions
5 Message receiving behavior is non- Message receiving behavior can be blocking
6 Message size 64 KB Message size is 256KB
7 No automatic duplicate detection Supports automatic duplicate detection
8 No session support Messaging level sessions are supported
9 No support for dead-lettering Dead letter queue is supported
10 No transaction support Transaction is supported
11 One to one message delivery Supports one to one and one to many message delivery
Time to leave up to 7 days max Time is live is unlimited

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